Your Better World. Film series programme & a platform for mobilizing strategic real-world action.

Your Better World. Strategies towards an optimal existence.

Brief explanation:

A docu-series or a program that sets out to explore the most impactful potential developments towards a more thriving world for all. Topics include social, scientific and technological opportunities. Major part will be devoted to societal systems as they constitute the underlying foundation that generates majority of results and enable or disable possibilities for every other endeavour. This would include democracy-innovation, improvements in political, economic and monetary systems among many other things. Each episode is thought to be about 30 minutes. Mix of animation, camera-recordings & stock footage. Interviews with relevant people and organizations, presentation of ideas, strategies and depiction of projects, examples and experiments around the world. Blending in portrayals of ideas in the form of fictional stories in an otherwise non-fiction series. The creative and artistic nature of the project shall make the program interesting and relevant to the critical mass and critical societal actors. The project shall include an interactive nature and help people to mobilize and act on what our collective intelligence considers to have the greatest potential for social improvement.

The collected and curated videos in the following playlist somewhat represent or resemble the envisioned content of this project:

Potential Collaborators

Initiator of the project

Hello! I'm Axo. A Utilitarian Polymath. I have tasked myself with exploring the most impactful solutions for a prosperous world for all. Over time I've collected many ideas, connected with relevant entities and fields, developed visions and strategies, that, if expressed, could have a positive world-impact which is what this project sets out to do by expressing the insights through a programme consisting of content or multimedia-series in the form of motion picture/graphics and in the format of documentaries and storytelling, non-fiction and fiction.

About the project

The project is about exploration of the most impactful leverage points that are universal in their nature and are connected to every other facet of our existence and evolution. It focuses on such fundamental matters that would establish an environment in which any of solutions or advancements would arise due to intelligent underlying processes that would continuously generate the greatest positive impact for the greatest number of conscious beings across space and time. Such root- or meta solutions can include social, scientific & technological innovations that would redefine our existence towards a more optimal one where prosperity and realization of the greatest potential of all and the whole is taking place.

One example of such is an improved social operating system that would organize, coordinate and mobilize entities and resources across the needs, challenges, solutions and opportunities that are collectively and continuously figured out and executed through intelligent democratic processes. This could lead to such a mode of operation where human potential flourishes and dynamically solves any problem and creates the most impactful advancements.

We are fighting with a bunch of symptoms in form of various problems and have done so historically. Having a deeper understanding helps us to not react to the events and problems that occurred, occur and persist because of the underlying generating factors, but instead redefine the mode of operation and invent solutions that would continuously generate optimal outcomes for all and solve many problems at once.

interdisciplinary nature of the project

This project is intended to engage with interdisciplinary potentialities and interconnectedness of various relevant areas such as human psychology, human needs, socio-cultural structures, economic and governance frameworks, scientific and technological opportunities. Showcasing the current mode of operation and how it all can work in what could be a more optimal world.

Future: Possible ideal worlds. With other words, what to strive towards.

Past: Relevant history. For example of monetary, financial, economic and governance systems.

Present: Evolutionary potentials towards the ideal.

A platform to mobilize strategic real-world action

This project is intended to not just express potential solutions but possibly even more importantly mobilize people for strategic action through a platform and a movement, which will also in and of itself keep figuring things out, keep expressing and executing that which serves the mission of bringing the greatest good for the greatest number.

Outline of the Documentary Programme Series by Utilitarian Impact Enterprises

  • Shortly about the creator, the "Why?" and the philosophical values that drives this project.
  • The innovation of the Economic System
    • The non-optimal monetary system and money creation of today.
    • Monetary system that could lead to covering the basic needs of the people and towards an optimal mobilization across problems and opportunities.
    • Economic Democracy. Cooperative movement.
    • Programmable Economics. Connecting the socio-environmental values of activities to the incentives entities receive.
    • Financial instruments for latent socio-environmental values.
    • Replacing tax with societal wallet and participatory budgeting. Allocation of resources through intelligent mechanisms such as Quadratic Funding
    • Platforms that would facilitate impact-projects with all necessities such as funding, partners, co-workers etc. To connect and guide entities & resources in a prioritized manner according to impactfulness.
    • How Blockchain technologies, currencies and the mentality of Decentralized Organization can help.
  • Improving governance or decision-making frameworks.
    • Fixes and improvements to current electoral, voting and political systems.
    • New models of governance that increase democracy e.g. through civic councils consisting of citizens with diverse backgrounds, skills & expertise, combined with public-serving and scientific institutions that together incubate ideas and strategies for implementation according to the problems, visions and priorities of the society gained from bottom-up inquiry. The projects can be executed as cooperative ventures owned by workers and community at large to develop economic democracy that supports human flourishment.
    • Other methods for more intelligent governance structures and decision-making processes. Such as Democratic Confederalism and digital platforms for dynamic, meritocratic sense-making, thus hacking the current systems and creating new ones for the benefit of all.
    • Greater legitimized respect & weighted power for scientific, philosophical, intellectual knowledge & institutions.
    • Purpose-based virtual (or/and local) societies and communities
    • Transnational Governance.
  • These developments in the context of Developing Countries.
  • SciTech breakthroughs and other developments that can redefine the world.
    • AGI
    • Bioengineering
    • Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI)
    • Computing innovation. Quantum- and Bio-technologies.
    • Collective Intelligence
    • Human, Consciousness & intelligence Development.
      • Spiral Dynamics.
      • Educational reform & new institutions for human cultivation & life-guidance
      • Psychedelics research & development.
  • Resources
  • Conclusion. Call to action!
Example video: